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List of Machineries in Chennai

S.NoDescriptionQtyBed Size
1.Novick-AG560-SA CNC Wirecut Machine2 Nos.500x350x300
2.Fanuc Wirecut Machine(RoboCut Machine)1 Nos.800x600x400mm
3.DAHLIH Double Column Machine – 3213 VMC1 Nos.3200x1300x800mm
4.Sigma Double Column Machine-SDV-2215- VMC1 Nos.2200X1500X1000mm
5.SIP (Swiss Made) -Double Column Jig Boring Machine2 Nos.1000x750x550mm
6.Mitsui Seiki CNC Jig Boring Machine1 Nos.
7.Shin CNC Turning Machine1 Nos.
8.Hauser (Swiss Made) -Double Column Jig Grinding Machine1 Nos.700x500x500mm
9.Hauser (Swiss Made) -Single Column Jig Grinding Machine2 Nos.250x400x400mm
10.GRAND RAPID (USA)-Surface Grinder1 Nos.700x1600mm
11.SEDCTEC – Surface Grinder1 Nos.150x300mm
12.Fulland NC Milling (Taiwan Make)1 Nos.450x1000x400mm
13.Guruarjan Surface Grinding Machine1 Nos.
14.Kent-Surface Grinder1 Nos.1000×500
15.M1TR-Milling Machine1 Nos.
16.8” Turner Heavy Duty Lathe1 Nos.
17.4 ½” Turner Lathe1 Nos.
18.3/4’ ITCO Drilling Machine1 Nos.
19.Chemmer –Sparking Machine1 Nos.
20.CASTEK-FD22-SUPERDRILL1 Nos.300x200mm
21.Mitsubishi ED2000M2-SUPERDRILL1 Nos.300x200mm


1.Mechanical Measuring instruments-EssentialsHeight Gauge, Bore Gauge,
2.Essential Electrical Measuring InstrumentsVAW Meters, Ohm Meters, Testers,
3.Profile ProjectorMeasuring Profile
4.Hardness Testing MachineRockwell Hardness Tester
5.Few Gauges,Rockwell Hardness Tester

List of Machineries in our Coimbatore Facility

S.NoDescriptionQtyBed Size
1.Mitsubishi EDM-Wirecut-MV1200S1 No.350x250x200mm
2.Mitsubishi EDM-Wirecut-MV2400R2 Nos600x400x300mm
3.CHARMILES –ROBOCUT 690 EDM Wirecut1 No.800x600x400mm
4.DMG-Dackel Maho Machine(DMC1035V)1 No.
5.Charmiles Sparking1 No.
6.CNC Jig Grinding1 No.440x850x300mm
7.Harford VMC1 No.1250x600x600
8.Surface Grinding Machine-Proth1 No.400x800mm
9.Cylindrical Grinding Machine-Berco1 No.1Mtr ID OD
10.HMT K130 Cylindrical Grinding1 No.500x250mm
11.Milling Machine1 No.1270x254mm
12.SuperDrill (S&T Engineers)1 No.
13.AgieCut Wirecut1 No.375x250x200
14.4 ½” Turner Lathe1 No.